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Tiny White Cell

In this cute and colorful sideways shooter you take on the role of Leuko and Lympho - two white blood cells fighting against viruses to stop the infection inside the human body. Travel through curvy arteries and switch back and forth between the two characters to defeat those evil invaders and earn points!


  • Two playable characters with unique attacks!
  • Vivid and joyful graphics!
  • Increasing difficulty!
  • Loads of enemies to defeat and points to collect!


Watch our Intro-Video and have a look a some of the Game-Graphics here!

Meet the Team

We are "The Chosen Flu", the team behind Tiny White Cell - a first semester project at the S4G School for Games. By publishing our game on itch.io and IndieDB.com we hope to get feedback that will help us grow out of our game development diapers.


Christoph Heinrich

  • christoph.heinrich@school4games.net



Dimitry Hartl

  • dimitry.hartl@school4games.net



Melanie Schwarz

  • melanie.schwarz@school4games.net



Ninga Beyeler

  • ninga.beyeler@school4games.net



Elizaveta Sakara

  • elizaveta.sakara@school4games.net
  • Production / Graphics


Jonathan Ravenhill

  • jonathan.ravenhill@school4games.net
  • Engineering

  • my wordpress website

Contact us

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please feel free to send us a message.

S4G School for Games GmbH
Tiny White Cell
Gubener Stra├če 47
10243 Berlin


+49 30 96595244